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Dear Kris and other guests, welcome!

We would like to inspire you with some relevant work on this (temporary) page. For your convenience we’ve collected a couple of Etex projects, alongside other projects which illustrate our capabilities as a creative partner.

If you have any questions, let us know; we are more than happy to help you.

Have fun!


Relevant to your meeting, we have included recent firestop animations, such as the -FC1 and -IM Cbox. Seeing these side-by-side, you can get an idea of how we can visualize the installation and use-cases for these products in similar contexts.

Additional services

As briefly mentioned in our meeting with Kris, we’ve also made printed materials for you in the past (using a combination of pictures and 3D illustrations) to complement technical information and other USP’s.

Our extensive knowledge of graphic design and branding makes our partnership incredibly valuable. We already have access to elements from the 3D animations, why not use them in other ways? This creates a cohesive brand identity.

Etex XW® product & installation

We also made 2 types of animation for the same product; a promotional video (the first video) and an installation guide (the second video) of the Promatect-XW. By showing your products in a realistic environment, the viewer’s frame of reference is matched as closely as possible. The 3D animations are supported with clear text and graphics, making our work engaging as well as educational.

Additional services

When we finish that beautiful animation, you’d want to share it with the world right? At JWB we’ll make sure your content reaches the intended audience, by;

  • Generating captivating content
  • Building and running ad-campaigns
  • Tracking and measuring analytics

We can easily reuse the animation, inviting potential and recurring customers to watch the entire thing on your website. This creates a tempting call-to-action to any destination you want.

Etex supporting structures


Our most recent project highlights multiple products at once, which communicates how Etex is the fire-safety partner for all your customer’s needs. This animation also shows a balance between storytelling (which engages the viewer) and product visualization (which informs and convinces the viewer).

- Inspiration -

To inspire you, we have added a couple of projects we think you’ll enjoy; not only for the entertainment value, but also because it illustrates our capabilities as  your creative partner.

Let us boost the Etex brand to new heights!

ConDoor: live-action vs 3D animation

ConDoor asked us to create a 3D animation for their most popular product; the TS100 garage door. As a reference, they sent us a live-action video of an expert installing everything. Their main motivation was to create a 3D animation that simplified and sped up the installation steps significantly. Another motivation was to create a virtual environment for other product visualizations to be made in later on.

Additionally they wanted to expand the number of installation steps and update some of them to include new best practices.

This resulted in a 3D animation that could tell the same story in half it’s original length, which greatly benefited the intended audience.

ConDoor High-Line

ConDoor Door Solutions, has long offered installation videos to their dealers throughout Europe. This requires multilingualism and added convenience to browse the video heem. This High-Line Installation des Antriebs was the first 3D installation video as a switch from ‘real video’ and opened doors (…) for more.

Interactivity was desirable here because steps occur that are very different from each other in the installation process and dealers are often specifically looking for that one fragment of explanation. Also, multilingualism (4) was included in the interactive video.

ConDoor Luxe-Line

An installation video for a Luxe-Line door frame that was created using an existing real video as a reference, but needed to be provided with many updates. This prompted not to choose another real video, but a 3D video with previously proven benefits for them.

The 12-minute real video was replaced by a (non-interactive) animation of less than 1.5 minutes. With this, interactivity is therefore not necessary.

Quooker interactive video

Note: we didn’t create this interactive installation video from Quooker. However, we love to show it because it inspires our customers what could be done with interactive media. The possibilities for your customers are endless;

  • Viewing instructional content on their own pace in a user-friendly manner
  • Combining different intallation ‘routes’ into one central place
  • Moving back and forth to other chapters as desired.


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